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Rise Records


Label history

Rise Records is an American record label currently based in Beaverton, Oregon, specialized in the release of punk rock and post-hardcore music.

Rise was founded in 1991 by Craig Ericson in Nevada City, California. He released a small number of 7" records before putting the label on hiatus to attend college. Ericson didn't release anything further until 1999, after moving to Portland, Oregon. He began issuing small-print 7" records, and his first CD release came in 2000, from the group One Last Thing. The label gave a strong foundation to bands Anatomy of a Ghost, Ever We Fall (who later signed with Hopeless) and Fear Before the March of Flames (who signed to Equal Vision). Later signees (e.g. Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Breathe Carolina and The Devil Wears Prada), gained considerable popularity while with Rise, and moved on to what were larger labels at the time (Interscope, Fearless and Ferret, respectively). Rise has also signed some veteran bands, including: Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls, The Bled, Bleeding Through and From First To Last.

Rise Records' releases are distributed in the U.S. by ADA and BMG. In July 2013, the company moved from Portland to neighboring Beaverton, Oregon. The label has a distribution deal with Alternative Distribution Alliance, the indie distributor owned by Warner Music Group and directly in Europe and Australia with Warner Music and BMG.

On September 9, Australian label UNFD announced a distribution partnership with Rise. On May 18, 2015, BMG announced the acquisition of the label. Rise will maintain its headquarters and Ericson will remain in charge. BMG will help with back office operations and provide Rise a more international reach.

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