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Rise Above Records


Label history

Rise Above Records is a London, England based independent record label owned by Lee Dorrian (of the band Cathedral and formerly of Napalm Death). It is named after a Napalm Death song from their EP Mentally Murdered. It was formed in the late 1980s and originally made to sell live releases by Napalm Death and S.O.B., but by 1991 had changed to cater to doom and sludge metal. Rise Above releases were getting US distribution from the mid-90s to 2004 by The Music Cartel. As of 2005, they are currently getting distribution by Candlelight Records. JVC Victor were their Japanese distributors until 2007 when Leaf Hound Records began distributing the Japanese versions of Rise Above releases.

In 2005, Rise Above announced a 7" & split series for their bands. So far there have been seven releases in this matter.

In 2006, Rise Above announced a sub-branch called Rise Above Relics, catering rare, vintage 70s releases. There have been three releases on this sub-label.

In early 2011 the label also reissued five Orange Goblin albums with bonus tracks largely covers or demo versions of preceding tracks, released with the same catalogue numbers as when they were first released.

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