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Dissolver Younghusband


Younghusband's "Dissolver" doesn't sound as tight as their debut "Dromes". But this extra space has resulted in even catchier tracks.

Younghusband have opened "Dissolver" with the unforgettable track "Waverley Street", bringing up vague associations with John Lennon's solo releases from the 70's. In doing do, the London quartet around Euan Hinshelwood have actually written shoegaze, dream-pop and neo-psychedelia. On their second album, produced by Robert Hampson (LoOp, Main) they take up their very catchy, crowd-pleasing approach without falling into a monotonous strum-fest. The number of potential hits on this album is ridiculously high: "She Lies Awake", "Blonde Blending", and particularly "Better Times", the ballad-esque "Only For You" and the glorious closer of a title track. The latter has a cascade of violins to go with it, thanks to Warren Ellis (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Dirty Three, Grinderman). Younghusband have taken a small step back from the compact sound of their debut "Dromes" (2013) on "Dissolver", but that has only served to benefit their sound.

Klaas Ilse | Nov 3, 2015


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