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Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party, Vol. 3 Various Artists


Tramp Records have dug carefully through their music archives to present the ultimate Christmas variety mix.

Every year over and over... the lover's label Tramp Records bring out a new release of their "Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party". Now, they are on their third iteration, and we are once again amazed at the range of previously undiscovered Christmas baubles. We know nothing about them, but we love everything about them right from the first moment. "Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party, Vol. 3" offers the perfect variety in winter dance certainties. Musical gold-miners Sean Delany and Jan Kohlmeyer are the men behind the groovy mix, and they must have been keeping their ears open all these years to find this brilliant and curious collection of tracks. The compilation has decades old songs that for the most part have never been released in digital form. "Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party, Vol. 3" is equally suited to collectors, discoverers and mainly for people who love an unusual groove.

Hans-Peter Ostermünchner | Nov 26, 2015
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