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Wild Winter Smoke Fairies


British Folk ladies have created an album that fits particularly well to the colder months - dark, wild and magical.

These fairies are made of the right stuff - they didn't want to make a normal Christmas album full of the usual odds and ends and sticky anticipation, at least thus runs the statement from their label on the activities of Britain's Smoke Fairies Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies. But a winter album - yes please. "This time of the year is always bittersweet for us" thought the fairies - and "Wild Winter" was born. Dark and dreamy, as we know and love from these two alternative ladies, the album starts with the ballad "Christmas Without A Kiss". Their folk with its electronica enhancements that went happily on tour with Brian Ferry and The Handsome Family, suits the stories of loneliness and doubt told in "Give And Receive" and "Circles In The Snow". To stop the whole thing from being too dark, the Smoke Fairies put a little rock in with "Three Kings". "Wild Winter" definitely goes well with the colder time of the year - well beyond the Christmas period.

Ina Linden | Dec 14, 2014


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