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Adore Life Savages


Savages live up to expectations and release an outstanding second album "Adore Life". Atmospheric Gothic rock and fierce post punk.

Following the much-acclaimed – and deservedly so – debut "Silence Yourself" (2013), expectations for the follow-up were naturally very high. Happily, "Adore Life" doesn't just meet them – it surpasses them. The quartet have refined their Gothic / post punk sound and, even though the women no longer sound as wild or uncivilised as their name would suggest, it was the right thing to do. Compared to their raw, unpolished debut, "Adore Life" sounds extremely adept. There is still plenty of fire: "The Answer" and "T.I.W.Y.G." (This Is What You Get) leave you in no doubt that Savages have energy to spare. But more cultivated, subtler songs like "Evil" and "Sad Person" also shine. There are also some fantastic atmospheric pieces such as the (almost) title track, the painfully beautiful Goth ballad "Adore" and the fabulous "Slowing Down The World". The band has emerged from the shadow of its heroes and now stands proudly on its own two feet. Savages copy no-one: Savages are Savages.

Klaas Ilse | Jan 25, 2016


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