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Big GRRRL Small World (Explicit) Lizzo


Rapper and singer Lizzo changes genre, tempo and mood as she feels like it on her new album "Big Grrrl Small World".

Impressions can be deceptive. After the first couple of minutes of her new album "Big Grrrl Small World" – especially the opener "Ain't I" – you could easily imagine Lizzo to be on the same straight rap trip as her "Lizzobangers" (2013) – but the song which starts at 1:59 takes everything in a completely different direction. Suddenly the air is full of the sound of easy-going piano jazz and Lizzo's silky soul voice – before flipping back to the original sound moments later: that, dear listener, is "Big Grrrl Small World" all over. Only occasionally does a song as straight as "Jang A Lang" crop up and bring with it the distinct suggestion of Missy Elliott. Hip hop, R'n'B, soul, jazz, electropop: on "Big Grrrl Small World", Lizzo changes genre, tempo and mood as she sees fit – often all three within the same track. When all is said and done, the songs stand shoulder to shoulder, united. Big Grrrl strikes again!

Jan Kahl | Dec 14, 2015
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