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Making Time Jamie Woon


The brooding moments of the debut are long forgotten, as "Making Time" shows us Jamie Woon and electronic soul that will have your fingers clicking.

Jamie Woon's debut was already a break through for him – "Mirrorwriting" thrilled a lot of people, well beyond the electronica field thanks to its dark pop appeal, atmospheric moments and benignly haunting ghosts. This approach could easily have been taken to a second or third album – but Jamie Woon is not doing that. This is more finger snapping than furrowed brows – but every note works, just as on "Mirrorwriting", everything is in place. This perfectionism could easily seem cold, but "Making Time" seems to glow with an inner warmth. Electronic soul for the here and now. Jamie Woon has turned a light on - and it shines and shines and shines... brilliant album!

Marco Fuchs | Nov 2, 2015


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