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Leave Me Alone Hinds


Hotly awaited, these four Spanish ladies have positioned their debut confidently between indie and lo-fi garage.

As much as Hinds have been hyped up in recent months, no one expected these four Spanish musicians to produce a debut this good. "Leave Me Alone" draws on the chaotic slacker attitude that the Hinds give off, almost scandalous guitars, random choir singing, an early morning lo-fi atmosphere all dressed up for dancing and soaked in beer. So these Madrid ladies have got the petulant slacker thing down, but "Leave Me Alone" needs much more depth than that. By their own admission, the tracks deal with the countless facets of love – not always fun and lighthearted, sometimes seriously hung over and looking at the world through dark-circled eyes and hearts. With tracks like the raw and psychedelic "Solar Gap", the chaotic garage pop of "Garden" and "Fat Calmed Kiddos" or the anti-folk approach to "Bamboo", the Hinds have positioned themselves confidently as a serious contender for the 2016 indie throne with "Leave Me Alone".

Verena Reygers | Jan 11, 2016
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