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Art Angels Grimes


Grimes' new album is like a flea market of styles – "Art Angels" is a brave, multi-faceted and very worthwhile album.

If you look at Grimes' career to date, then – looking at the individual albums – there is almost too much to see. Strange electro-pop, cartoonish sequences, radio hits, deluxe pop – all these facets come to good use on "Art Angels". For the first time, Canada's Grimes has not headed in one specific direction for an album, instead taking a bit of everything. The listener tumbles from sweet string arrangements to 90's bubblegum pop, then suddenly there is rap, before a dance track has everyone waving their hands in the air. This switching is no accident, but a sign of an ideology – keep going, always keep going. Up to the end when "Butterfly" brings everything to a close. The fact that fans of a specific Grimes style are bound to be disappointed is a necessary by-product of her courage to show that she is more than just a pop star, more than just weirdo electronic hype – this is an album worth exploring.

Marco Fuchs | Nov 10, 2015
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