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Not To Disappear Daughter


With the help of War On Drugs producer Nicolas Vernhes, the London trio's second outing is a warm and affectionate work of indie pop.

Daughter are not back with a "bang" but rather a second album "Not To Disappear" which will leave you impressed in many other ways. Their debut album "If You Leave" not only saw the British trio conquer the charts – internationally – but also the hearts and minds of indie fans around the globe. For Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella, it seemed only logical to keep the ball rolling with a follow-up of equal if not greater swing. There are very few moments on "Not To Disappear" where they open their sound up to something other than folk; on "How" and "No Care", the synths draw you in and Tonra's voice gets under your skin but, all in all, "Not To Disappear" is about sparkling guitars and synth beats. The band has an impressive talent for creating musical highpoints without ever losing the ground beneath their feet. There's nothing forced or affected about "Not To Disappear"; instead, Daughter have created a profound world of sound with their second album.

Verena Reygers | Jan 12, 2016


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