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Tell Me I'm Pretty Cage The Elephant


Cage The Elephant have put out their most mature album so far with "Tell Me I'm Pretty", full of melodious pop in a raw lo-fi sound.

Cage The Elephant are continuing on their road to success with "Tell Me I'm Pretty". The Kentucky band around singer Matt Shultz managed to get Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys in the producer's chair for their fourth album – so it is hardly a surprise that among the many influences that come through on "Tell Me I'm Pretty", there is a strong 60's garage rock element. The album features melodious pop in a raw lo-fi sound, but the wilder punk energy of their second album "Thank You Happy Birthday" (2011) plays only a partial background role. Instead they are continuing in the direction they started in 2013 with "Melophobia" and once again they have a whole range of great tracks on offer: "Cry Baby", "Trouble", "How Are You True", "Punchin' Bag" and the raw "Portuguese Knife Fight". Slightly less wild than its predecessor, but for that, the most varied and interesting album from Cage The Elephant.

Klaas Ilse | Dec 22, 2015


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